My Favourite Recipes…

ENERGY BALLSBy TamaraThis is a super simple and versatile recipe. I started making my energy balls with ripe bananas but after running out I had to get inventive and came up with the following recipe! Feel free to play around with the ingredients and make yourself a super healthy alternative for a snack or pudding.
BANANA BREADBy TamaraThis one always goes down a treat with the family! This version is Gluten free too. Tip: I sometimes add some coconut flakes for that added texture..
MIGLIACCIOBy TamaraA dangerously delicious desert saved for special occasions (or not). In Italy this is typically eaten at Easter!
VEGGIE “MEAT”BALLSBy TamaraWhat you do with the "meat"balls is entirely up to you! I like to add them to a lovely homemade tomato sauce and serve with courgetti. Yum!
MALABIBy TamaraThe beautiful thing with these puddings are that you can top them with pretty much anything! I like to top them with a fruit jam and pistachios. Tip: To make the recipe vegan, replace the milk and cream with coconut milk.
STUFFED CABBAGE ROLLSBy TamaraI also make an asian inspired version of this without the tomato sauce, which is shown in the photo – scrumptious!
GLUTEN FREE ARTISAN BREADBy TamaraYou can now buy some amazing gluten free flour and you'll want to, just to try this crusty artisan bread!
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