Earlier this year I completed my level 1 Pilates reformer training with Balanced Body in London. I then spent a couple of months deliberating the best way to proceed with level 2 and 3 by looking up various dates and locations until deciding to head where Balanced body began… California! And so commenced my return to the golden state and my next adventure!

Ive been umming and ahhing about the best intro post to share with you all and I decided to recap my time so far here by breaking down the array of activities I have done already! That way I can share my passion for and belief in moving our bodies in a multitude of ways and finding what suits us best as individuals.

Ok, so first you should know that my idea of fitness has altered over the years and has been real diverse. I have always enjoyed being active and at school I was part of every club going; netball, basketball, rounders, dance… the list goes on! Then the older I became, the more I got active outdoors with hiking, surfing, trail running and kayaking. I realised that when I combined nature with activity, I had hit the jackpot. I mean really, I don’t think I could get much happier. My point is that where I am at now took moving my body in different ways, it took trial and error as well as asking myself what I really enjoyed – not what was ‘on trend’.

So when arriving to Los Angeles, I was excited to throw myself into every opportunity – both indoor and outdoor. Naturally, I have been to numerous Pilates and Yoga classes and even got my current flatmate to join in (it’s not the first time I’ve swayed a friend through my nerdy ways – muahaha!) In return she has taken me to my first ever Taekwondo class and that was so much fun and I felt muscles I hadn’t worked in any other activity – which highlights the importance of moving our bodies in different ways! I have also had the pleasure of participating in a netball tournament in LA playing for Team Seattle (yeh random right?) which consequently lead me to play in a tournament in Whistler, Canada – what are the chances?! Through that I made new friends and visited places I never imagined I would, which shows that exercise can open more doors than you’d ever believe 🙂

Whilst in whistler playing netball, I also took some time off for one of my many passions – hiking – and so I headed out on my own and got a little lost in the mountains where I got to gaze out onto the glorious snow-capped peaks and immersed myself in the forests. Earlier on in the week before heading to Whistler, I was also fortunate enough to hike up the Bump ‘n Grind trail in Palm desert and I think its safe to say that it was a completely different experience to the hike in Whistler. Ha! No green forests or snow-capped mountains there for sure:

Now I know that not everyone is AS bonkers as I am but I just want to highlight all the amazing activities there are out there…. all of the amazing ways we can move our bodies, experience individual and team sports and find something that works for us. Moreover, if you open your mind to it and to meeting others, you may find yourself with new friends and in new locations!

You do not have to be a sports fanatic, or super fit to do any of the above, you just have to be willing to give it a whirl. Take a friend with you or go it alone, try a free class or book yourself onto a block course, read up about it first or go in blind; whichever way works for you! But, if you’ve been thinking about, it then just do it.  Chances are it’ll take you places physically and mentally you never expected!