It’s taken me a while to catch up after coming back from our trip to Spain so apologies. I also think I once again adopted the Spanish relaxed way of being and returned to the UK floating my way through things.

So, as it was Kyle’s first time to Spain, I had to show him the route that I have often taken growing up, especially with it being so diverse and areas changing despite being a few miles apart.

Here is our trip broken down and showcased through our favourite pics:

We flew into Malaga as we were starting our trip by popping in to see the mother at San Pedro de Alcantara – we arrived late at night, indulged in a light dinner of Spanish delights from the deli and caught up with the madre.

After an early night, we were up and ready for a walk to the beach – that was top of the agenda for this mermaid! I needed to smell the sea air and feel the fresh breeze on my face and boy did it do the trick, it sure picked me right up. It was also a beautiful walk with views of the mountains:

We cooled down with a kombucha at the local organic owl café where we made friends with the lovely manager; Tunde.

We spoke of holistic therapies and other things we shared in common and in fact the next morning she invited me for a Prananadi session which was great – I love when things happen off the cuff like that! Especially with good-hearted, talented people such as herself.

What a great day to start the break.

I was enjoying my session with my new friend, meanwhile Kyle enjoyed a Californian style breakfast at the aforementioned Owl café – highly recommend!
After we had both rejuvenated in our own little way, we packed into our little rental car and started the journey to the other side of the Costa de La luz – I was super excited as it had been 2.5 years since I had seen my beloved city, a place after my heart: Cadiz!

We arrived, left our things in a flat and in a running theme, made our way straight to the beach! Ha.

We came across some surfers and were tempted to grab a board and join in but as we had already planned to watch the Easter Procession (a traditional Easter parade in Spain) we held onto those itchy feet and opted for a stroll and a toe dip instead.

It really is amazing how much these simple pleasures can pick you up.

We walked back into the city where everyone was setting up with their foldable chairs and packed snacks and drinks. It was great to introduce Kyle to a tradition which demonstrates, amongst many things; passion, community spirit and dedication.

We further explored Cadiz for a few days where I think it’s safe to say, Kyle also had a piece of his heart captured, before deciding to take a day trip to a beach further down the coast.

Conil is a place I have visited a few times as I love its white village and ‘coloured coves’.

It was nice to wander the village before driving down towards the Fuente del gallo beach where we relaxed and took our first dip into the beach! THIS was definitely a highlight for me. I was instantly rejuvenated and transformed. We never expected for it to be so warm and the water be so fantastic.

It sure was a great and welcomed surprise.

On our last day touring the Costa de la Luz before heading to see the familia, we visited Zahara de los atunes and Tarifa; two more places that were vital for me to show Kyle.

Both two very different places which capture two sides of the Costa de la luz I love. From frolicking in the glorious shore of Zahara where in Kyles words ‘it could be the Maldives’ to typical tapas and getting lost in the streets of Tarifa,

it was a perfect way to finish our tour before immersing Kyle into meeting the family… and yes, my family is BIG.

I can’t say Kyle could have done any better in meeting the family (especially as his Spanish is limited to put it politely) and for anyone meeting uncle after uncle and cousins galore, all in the space of 24 hours it is daunting, never mind when you don’t speak Spanish!

I’ll be honest guys, I feel I could have written for hours and pages all about our trip to the motherland. Partly because I have so much passion and love for the place, partly because it was amazing to see Kyle so happy somewhere I hold so dear and partly because…. Well, I have lived in different countries and travelled afar and if there is one thing I adore, it’s the simple pleasure and the ‘loving of life’ and gosh do the Andalusians do that well. However, for now I shall leave you with

the idea of divulging further about Spain in future posts AND ALSO about our next impending trip for my birthday in May! Can’t wait! Peace and love guys and until soon. xx